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Charlotte's Dress

Wow, it's been a really long time since I've posted anything. But hey, for the last week I've just been working on something that surprisingly turned out well and I really want to post about. So here I am.

So Megan did something incredibly awesome for my 22nd birthday. She got me this beautiful custom doll.

Charlotte Doll

Charlotte, really my number one favorite character of hers of all time. She's so adorable and perfect. I literally screamed when Meg gave her to me. I never saw it coming and Meg I can never tell you how much I love her. Really, I love her so much and I decided...I really, really...really wanted to make her a ton of dresses!! Charlotte always wears really cute frilly lolita dresses in her story, in a rainbow of colors. So even though I've never made Monster High doll clothes, let alone any doll clothes, I was suddenly very determined to make all her dresses! I set out to make her favorite dress first, baby blue with pink  polka dots.


This one! Only with puffy sleeves cause I love her in puffy sleeves. Well some how I did it. :D

Charlotte Dress

With tool under skirt and head band! Hand sewed and lined! I have no idea how I did this! XD
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