Aislyn (wishuponjirachi) wrote,

♥ Merry Christmas ♥

Merry Christmas guys! ♥ I made a little something for all of you that do so much for me. ;; There's something in there for junoluver, hi_mit_su, foureyedalien, lovedbyahero, tamago226, and aburamechan. You guys do so much for Meg and me, I can never thank you enough. I love you guys! ♥

For junoluver, you do so much for Meg and you are just an amazing person! Please PM me your address so I can send his little guy to you. Thank you so much hun! ♥

For hi_mit_su, you are just too nice to me all the time. Thank you for always commenting on my boring posts and giving me encouraging words. Please PM me your address to hun!

For foureyedalien, you know I love you babe. ;3 I love talking to you and bouncing ideas off you for clay works. You are so talented and I hope to someday be as talented as you. I really hope someday we can hang out in person and have derpy adventures together. You are just amazingly awesome hun! But you already know that. ;D

For lovedbyahero, because you know I owe you. XD I'll be sending you a few extra goodies along with this one and your commission. I hope you are doing well and thank you for being so awesome! ♥

For tamago226, you are wonderful and just so darn sweet all the time. Thank you for the card and everything you've done! You do too much. ♥

For aburamechan, so I heard you like Sea Witch? :D I thought you might like this by what Meg's been telling me. Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you sent me! I love them all! ♥♥

So once more, Merry Christmas you guys! Thank you so much for everything! C': ♥

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