Aislyn (wishuponjirachi) wrote,

Pokemon Collecting

This is a list of all the Pokemon I aiming on collecting in order of importance. :3

1st - Jirachi and Darkrai, still my two most favorite Pokemon. I have taken a little brake from collecting them at the moment, but they will never not be first priority cause I love them so much. I'm still on the look out for some major items I want of these guys and my grail is The One-One Talking Jirachi. If any one can ever give me any info or anything about it I would love that. <3

2nd - I really can't help myself with the Reuniclus line. I really can't get enough of these guys. I mainly collect the Shiny's, but I really love all of the Reuniclus line. X3

3rd - All these guys go up and down for me, but I love them all and I love to get customs of all of them. <3 I love getting customs of my custom theif Snivy, I love Shiny Reshiram, the whole Leavanny line with bat wings cause how can you say no to that adorable vampillar, and with Whimsicott I love both his Shiny and regular together. CX

4th - Now these guys are my side little collections. I pretty much have stopped collecting Latias, but I still love my little collection I have. With Petilil she goes up and down and some times goes up to my 3rd priority, but at the moment I just love my little collection of her. With the Cofagrigus line, they are very new. I just couldn't say no to them no longer. I hope to have a nice little Shiny collection of the Cofagrigus line.

6th - All the other Pokemon I love. I just collect these guys on and off, mostly with just plushes or items I just really like of them. :3



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