Charlotte's Dress

Wow, it's been a really long time since I've posted anything. But hey, for the last week I've just been working on something that surprisingly turned out well and I really want to post about. So here I am.

So Megan did something incredibly awesome for my 22nd birthday. She got me this beautiful custom doll.

Charlotte Doll

Charlotte, really my number one favorite character of hers of all time. She's so adorable and perfect. I literally screamed when Meg gave her to me. I never saw it coming and Meg I can never tell you how much I love her. Really, I love her so much and I decided...I really, really...really wanted to make her a ton of dresses!! Charlotte always wears really cute frilly lolita dresses in her story, in a rainbow of colors. So even though I've never made Monster High doll clothes, let alone any doll clothes, I was suddenly very determined to make all her dresses! I set out to make her favorite dress first, baby blue with pink  polka dots.


This one! Only with puffy sleeves cause I love her in puffy sleeves. Well some how I did it. :D

Charlotte Dress

With tool under skirt and head band! Hand sewed and lined! I have no idea how I did this! XD

Pokemon Collecting

This is a list of all the Pokemon I aiming on collecting in order of importance. :3

1st - Jirachi and Darkrai, still my two most favorite Pokemon. I have taken a little brake from collecting them at the moment, but they will never not be first priority cause I love them so much. I'm still on the look out for some major items I want of these guys and my grail is The One-One Talking Jirachi. If any one can ever give me any info or anything about it I would love that. <3

2nd - I really can't help myself with the Reuniclus line. I really can't get enough of these guys. I mainly collect the Shiny's, but I really love all of the Reuniclus line. X3

3rd - All these guys go up and down for me, but I love them all and I love to get customs of all of them. <3 I love getting customs of my custom theif Snivy, I love Shiny Reshiram, the whole Leavanny line with bat wings cause how can you say no to that adorable vampillar, and with Whimsicott I love both his Shiny and regular together. CX

4th - Now these guys are my side little collections. I pretty much have stopped collecting Latias, but I still love my little collection I have. With Petilil she goes up and down and some times goes up to my 3rd priority, but at the moment I just love my little collection of her. With the Cofagrigus line, they are very new. I just couldn't say no to them no longer. I hope to have a nice little Shiny collection of the Cofagrigus line.

6th - All the other Pokemon I love. I just collect these guys on and off, mostly with just plushes or items I just really like of them. :3



Monster High 002

I finally found them!! Meg and I have been searching high and low for these two and then i finally just happen to find them in the Kmart 5 minutes from my house! ;; I really wanted Robecca and searched hard for her, but the moment I saw Venus I had to have her. Love at first sight for the both of them! ;A; That is all for my doll feels...

Monster High 001

It's Been A While

Surprise! I finally got back to this Grims Charming project! :D I just whipped her up today after Meg just suggest I work on it. She's been dropping hints like crazy for me to get back to this project so I finally am. Sorry it took so long, Meg! ;A; But I finally got to "e", Snow White! Again I really enjoyed working on this paper craft. I'm proud how she turned out, the little stars in her hair were my favorite thing to do! ♥ So now when ever I'm not working on my commissions or the GC comic I'll be working on this until it's finished. Hopefully it shouldn't take much longer! ♥ :D

First Try

My first try at a bell plush. :,D This took me a couple days to finish. It took about 6 different tries at first with just his difficult body shape, but I was determined! I tried to make him as perfect as I could. ;; But he did turn out a bit bigger then your average bell plush...This is his one good angle, if you saw him from behind or from a top view you would see all his mistakes! D8 And if you couldn't guess it already I made this guy for Megan, I'm also making her a Lampent and Chandelure. And hopefully a shiny of each too! I actually really enjoy making this guy and am excited to make more! :D

New Cupcakes!

It's been a really long time, but darn it I had to come back. Here I thought I was falling out of Pokemon, but it reels me back in with a cute craft idea. DAMN!

I've always wanted to make miniature cupcakes like this and I finally figured out how to do it! How Pokemon ended up on top of them...I don't really know, but they did! They're really little charms that are only about an inch high. I was wanting to offer customs like these on the community and it's been so long that I really need some help guys. D: I have no idea what I should charge for them? I was thinking some where around $10, but I'm afraid that's too much for such little charms. I'm in the works of making an eeveelutions series and plan on auctioning those, but again have no idea what I should start them at. 8C

So any advice would be awesome and helpful! Also since it's been so long since I've been on here, how you guys doing? I've missed you guys. <3

Any Fans Of Little Shop Of Horrors?

Yep, it's a tiny little sculpture of Audrey 2 form Little Shop of Horrors. <3 Made as a test commission for Meg. She commissioned me to make some little monster flowers in flower pots for her mother's birthday. Instantly I remembered that the Michael's I work at sells these little tiny flower pots; 4 in a pack for $1.50. So I had to buy some and try them out. I really like the turn out, but what do you think Meg? C: